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                                                                                                                                 Ljubljana, 10/9/2012


Dear presidents of National Human Medical Genetics


On behalf of the organizing committee it is my great pleasure to inform you that the Slovene Association of Medical Genetics will organize the »10th Balkan Congress of Medical genetics and 2nd Alps Adria Meeting on Human Genetics on 10th -12th October 2013« in the beautiful city of Bled , Slovenia.


I'd like to extend the invitation to attend our joint congress and I would kindly ask you to inform the members of your Genetic Society about it. We would be honored if you would give an oral presentation and accept our invitation to be an active member of the scientific committee of the event.


Many important topics will be presented, including:

·Genomic Medicine; Genetic Disease Treatment;

·Clinical Genetics and Dysmorphology;

·Population Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology;

·Reproductive Genetics; Prenatal Non-invasive, Invasive and Perinatal Genetics;

·Cytogenetic; Molecular Genetics;

·Epigenetic factors and the development of human pathology; Nutrigenetics,

·Cancer Genetics; Immunogenetics; Pharmacogenetics; 

·Multifactorial Diseases; Psychiatric Genetics; Neurogenetics; 

·Developmental Defect and Malformation Syndromes; Fetopathology;

·Genetic Services; Genetic education; Ethics and Bioethics.


I'm looking forward to receiving your positive reply as soon as you can



Anamarija Brezigar


Prim. Anamarija Brezigar, MD

Clinical Geneticist

President of Slovene Association of Medical Genetics

Tel: ++386 41 40 63 63

Fax:++386 1 510 71 31